Guangzhou Dsong Information & Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Guangzhou Dsong Information & Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional producer supplying compatible consumable chips in China. We provide general consumable industries with the best laser chip solutions. We devote to the research and development, design, production, sales and service of compatible consumable chips. DSONG makes technological innovation, process reform and resource integration. We produce new products adapting to market demands and the technology of compatible chips has been in a leading position among consumable industries.

DSONG has a technological team with ample experience and high quality. We uphold the spirit of research and development of "be skillful in exploration, be pleased in innovation, and be willing in attentiveness", taking our advantages and professionalism in research and development of laser printers and chips of copiers, and we have made brand new breakthroughs in core technology and general technology. We possess abundant economic power and mighty technological power simultaneously, and we have top-ranking technology in designing laser chips within the industry, which enables DSONG to stand forefront in solutions of technology of compatible consumable chips around the world.

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Company Name :Guangzhou Dsong Information & Technology Co., Ltd.
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