Shanghai Komman Vehicle Component Systems Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

In Nov. 2001, four engineers who graduated from the same university 20 years ago and worked for years in China's Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle OEMs recognized the need of Chinese domestic made air spring suspension systems for Chinese domestic market. With their expertise and understanding of the market, they formed Shanghai Komman Vehicle Component Systems Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. They think that Komman would partner with our OEM customers to provide suspension products, utilizing their knowledge and expertise to promote innovation through technology and creative inspiration. These engineers share an intense desire to provide value to their customers through unique product solutions.

Komman is driven to provide customers with a distinct cost competitive advantage at product engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance. Komman has rapidly grown to become one of the premier air suspension system suppliers in the industry with average annual 100% sales growth, and in 2006, Komman gained more than 20% of Chinese domestic market shares and was ranked the second. Moreover, Komman has developed 8 series of 90 kinds of air suspension systems for heavy duty commercial vehicles, medium to large and super large buses, and trailers. These products have been exported to countries like Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Egypt, Syria, and Kazakhstan etc.

Passion to be the best, courage to break the rules, and vision to develop new ideas are the entrepreneurial traits which these engineers have infused into Komman.

Komman's uniqueness is our consultative approach to our customers and our extreme passion for solving their needs with intelligent, innovative solutions. We are a company that embraces technology, quality and services, optimizes and integrates our air suspension systems with OEM manufactures' chassis, and challenges ourselves constantly to provide great value for our customers while consistently going beyond industry standards in every aspect of our business. ...

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