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Company Introduction

Dongguan Fenggang Zhongji NC Tools Factory is one of the leading lathe machine tool factories in China. Our factory is a professional manufacturer of cutting tools for lathes machine tools with excellent quality and various specifications, including turning tool hodler holders, threading insert ,grooving insert and carbide slitting saw. With good quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery, we enjoy a good reputation among customers from all over the world.

Our products feature high precision and full variety. Conforming to the mainstream of cutter industry, understanding customers' needs and developing high quality products are our goals.

Characteristic of our products:
I. "CRM" NC clamp
1. Good accessories
Comparing with the low quality clamp accessories, we use high quality accessories greatly to improve products' stability and life time.

2. High universality
We design our clamp bars according to ISO standards and use Japanese series blades, which are extremely universal.

3. Bore tool
The common bore tool status is 2-2.5 times D anti-seismic and rough processing surface. We utilize VR-hole tool and HSS materials, which greatly enhanced the anti-seismic performance of the pole. Therefore, our quality has been improved quite a lot with steel processing up to the depth of D 4-5 times.

4. Small CNC lathe with the level of cutter row
Superior to small part processing and level of cutter row lathe in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu markets, we developed level cutter row series. It can do all the processes, including turning, cutting, cutting thread and after turning.

5. Cut (groove) off tool
Arc-care designed tool head greatly enhances anti-seismic performance and prolongs the Arbor and blade life time. Our "Oscan" CRM brand products are comparable with any top products in the world with effective cost and high quality.

II. Saw cutter
We have created a world-class brand saw blade cutter of "OSC". High precision, long life time and high efficiency are our goal. Our saw cutter diameter tolerance is 0.03mm, thickness tolerance is 0.003mm, side beat is 0.002mm, and diameter jump is 0.02mm. All of these can reach or exceed the quality of imported top products. We use Taiwan Brand CB and Europe CERATIZIT tungsten carbide materials to produce first class products.

III. Glass processing tool:
During the past 15 years, we have accumulated rich experience in manufacturing series of cutters for glass, gold frames, plastic planes, optical lens and a complete set of accessories; we also provide matching glass processing aid, annexes, hand tools and other facilities.

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