Ningbo Royalwill Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Ningbo Royalwill has 2 divisions: an industrial supplies division and board game and gifts division. For industrial supplies, our main focus is on plastic and injection molding building, injection tooling, machining, casting and forging, EPDM production, electrical appliance production and electronics production.

For our board game and gifts division, we mainly focus on all types of board games, card games, family board games, family games, abstract board games, family classics, kids' games, party games, mystery games, American games, European games, German games, Australian games, gift boxes, gift bags, calendars, puzzles, albums, Christmas gifts, Valentines' Day gifts, Halloween gifts etc.

Our current customers are from all of the world, like Fiffa, Spice Box, Griddly Games, DanaWares, ETA, Inquest, Rush 81, About Time, Big League, Mummbly, Kid Stuff, FoxMind, Mindlogic, Playroom Entertainment and DMC. Our target is to be a super company like Hasbro, the board game company, or Avalon Hill, Days of Wonder, Mayfair Games, Out of the Box, Phalanx Games, Playroom Entertainment and Steve Jackson Games.

We also specialize in the design and production of board games; we can help customers from concept and design to prototype and final production. We can design new games, including interesting and fun games like The Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride Europe, Shadows over Camelot, Hunters and Gatherers, King & Scout, Inns and Cathedrals, The Princess and the Dragon, The River II, Traders and Builders, The Count of Carcassonne, Jambo, Lost Cities, Starship Catan, The Seafarers of Catan, Wildlife, Axis and Alies, Attack!, Age of Mythology, Conquest of the Empire, AGES, Diplomacy, War of the Ring.

The detailed list of the games we produce: games of chance, games of skill, two-player abstract strategy games, two-player games involving chance or hidden information, multi-player elimination games, European race games, multiplayer games without elimination, games of physical skill, children's games, gaming systems, find it, scene it, backgammon, battle of the sexes, century old games, chess and checkers, cranium family of games, dice and accessories, dice games, dominoes, electronic hand held game, game savers, game tables, game for everybody, game for grown ups, head to head, keepsake games, mahjong, monopoly, bingo, monopoly style board game, movie trivia, fantasy games, strategy game, puzzles, blokus, table top games, travel games, trivia main, TV show board games, wooden games, card games for grown ups, cards games, card shufflers, conversation cards, decks and book sets, dummies, card games, mystery rummy, playing cards, poker cards and chips, soup for the soul card games, tarot cards, uno, casino game, bilingual games, children's card games, children's board games, children's dominoes, children's learning games, children's trivia, classic characters, games for fun, games for family, games for friendship, games for friends, games for students, memory matching game, spelling and math games, tiny tin games, board games, dominoes, five in a row games, and java board games.

Our games have drawn the attention of parenting organizations like the National Parenting Center, Game Alliance, Toy Industry Association, etc

We can build all types of custom designs, custom board games, custom card games, plastic games and wooden games for you. ...

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