Car Bu Re Tor (Shenzhen) Technical Service Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Car Bu Re Tor (Shenzhen) Technical Service Co., Ltd. (short for CTS) was built in 2008. Our customers are mainly the manufacturers of carburetors for outdoor gasoline power equipment. We are especially professional in the diaphragm carburetor field.

Above twenty full-time staff members work for CTS. They are elites from domestic or overseas enterprises related with carburetors, and have senior and abundant experience in the R&D and production of diaphragm carburetors.

Meanwhile, CTS is acquainted with the updated information for good relationships with famous carburetor manufacturers in the industry.

CTS's development always relies on professional & selfless teamwork, sincere & supreme service, strict & scientific management and excellent & immaculate quality.

CTS's ultimate target is helping domestic carburetor manufacturers get fifty percent of diaphragm carburetor market for the global handheld outdoor power equipment. The current situation is below ten percent.

CTS's competitive advantage lies in not only being limited to make equipment for production, but also crucially researching & developing on carburetor calibration. We improve technical process in the production of carburetor bodies, parts and assemblies by the quintessential realization of carburetor structures and principles.

CTS's concept for manufacturing carburetors: High-class equipment + High-class process + High-class R&D + High-class teamwork management

Only this combination could output carburetors in conformity with standard above 99.95%. This is also a necessary procedure of cognitive development from shallow to deep, and the former efficiency & performance rest with the later.

CTS supplies various services to customers, including:
Calibration and R&D of carburetors for engine performance;
Selection and design of basic styles, systems, structures, fuel circuits, key parts, and materials of carburetors;
Manufacturing pump diaphragms, metering diaphragms, and check valves of main nozzles;
Building general production process frames;
Improving body die-casting process and mold structure of carburetors;
Process improvement of power-head drills for carburetor body machining lines, designing and manufacturing combination machines, cutting tools and fixtures;
Carburetor body machining center process & program improvement, designing and manufacturing cutting tools and fixtures;
Other process improvement of carburetor body machining, including surface treatment, milling, deburring, and cleaning;
CNC lathe machining process and cutting tool improvement for carburetor parts;
Designing and manufacturing exclusive machines, cutting tools and fixtures for part machining;
OEM production of carburetor parts;
Carburetor assembly process improvement, designing and manufacturing exclusive machines and fixtures for assembly;
Training operator's skill on assembly lines, and arranging operator's work style;
Designing and manufacturing carburetor flow-bench inspection equipment;
Designing and manufacturing leakage & priming inspection process and equipment;
Building quality control and assurance systems for carburetor production;
Analysis and corrective actions requested for quality issues in carburetor production process;
Analysis and corrective action requested for quality issue of customer's complaining carburetors;
Lean production promotion of carburetors, labor's efficiency improvement, semi-finished products and stock reduction;
Building management systems for carburetor production, including organization structure, management team and operator's concept training. ...

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