Beijing Finsulatech Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Beijing Finsulatech Co., Ltd. is a worldwide supplier of a range of special refractory insulation materials, like calcium silicate insulation board.

Our products are used for petrochemical and electrical ovens, cement, glass and ceramic furnace, non-ferrous and steel industries, and other area for structure fire protection.

Our company was founded in 1992 in China and is located in Zhangzhen, Shunyi District, Beijing. Throughout our long history, we have built up a broad customer base.

We have also cultivated an extensive range of reliable technologies and developed high-performance, high-quality products based on the inorganic nonmetal materials. This enables us to meet customers' needs and to offer you the opportunity to take full advantage for your equipment and technical advice of form a complete set and a suitable insulation to the kiln. They have been tested over many years to gain the max benefits for this type of applications.

Main products
1) JGG series calcium silicate (tobermorite, xonotlite and wollastonite) products
2) JGN series refractory insulating and fireproofing binder (max. service
temperature 1200~1800 degrees)
3) JGJM series mollite insulating brick (max. service temperature
1300~1700 degrees)
4) JGL series ceramic fiber(cotton, blanket, carpet, board, paper and
vacuum molding heterotypic) products

Our aim is to give you the best products and services.

If you are interested in them, please contact us.
We will try our best to satisfy your requirements. ...

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