Jiaxing Sinco Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Our company is located at No.233 Chang'an North Road, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province, China, abutting 01 Provincial Highway and Hangpu Expressway, 100 kilometers from Shanghai and Hangzhou, enjoying very convenient transportation.

Our company is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development, production and sale of LED lighting products, HID car headlights, car lighting systems and special incandescent sources. We are engaged in the professional production of LED lighting products, such as LED lamps and lanterns, LED day lights, LED ball steep lights, LED fluorescent lamps, LED modules, LED adjustable lights, human body induction LED lamps, automobile use LED lights, etc.; dozens of LED application products and various LED lamp and lantern accessories; HID car headlights and lighting systems, such as automotive xenon headlights, various specifications of HID stability devices, HID lamps with accessories; Special use incandescent sources, such as 5,000-hour oven light bulbs used in 300-degree heat places (ovens, etc.), refrigerator light bulbs with a long cold storage life, special shape tungsten filament lamps of low temperature resistance, and halogen bulbs with energy efficiency grade of C A19 - G9.

Our company adopts new assembly line production equipment and perfect testing instruments, with equipment maintenance engineers and quality management engineers, strengthens staff members' quality consciousness and vocational skill training, fully complies with ISO9001 quality management system, emphatically implements safety management, and ensures product quality and safety performance with QS9000 standards to fully meet customers' requirements. ...

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Company Name :Jiaxing Sinco Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Ms. JENNY YANG
Province / State :Zhejiang
Country :China China
Telephone :86-5-7386977111
Fax :86-5-7386972111