Yiwu Tianlang Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Yiwu Tianlang Jewelry Co., Ltd. (www.ywtlsp.com) ,a professional high-end claw chain, hair accessories, claw chain, crown, earrings and other clothing accessories, production, sales, designing and custom processing such as jewelry factory, founded in 1998, we have a professional design team and business team, currently has more than 5000 kinds of new products by domestic and international wholesalers and retailers favorite products are exported to Europe, America and Asia-Pacific and other regions. (Show only some of the products website, more new products please contact customer service.) Yiwu the tannoy jewelry (www.ywtlsp.com) is committed to building an international platform for a focus on festive clothing accessories, fully understand the market demand reasonable, customized, effective marketing program. Focus on all kinds of high-end claw chain necklace, claw chain hairpins, high-grade crown wedding dress accessories, clothing accessories and other types of jewelry, there are many kinds of style, is the product of choice for exhibitions, festivals, wedding, while we can also customer requirements to OEM supply all kinds of clothing accessories, wedding accessories, promotional pendants, and jewelry to OEM. We only focus on accessories and customers, the Company is committed to the development of domestic and international jewelry business, the use of powerful network platform, you can choose thousands of jewelry to allow customers to stay at home, In addition, we in the International Commodity City, Yiwu International Trade City zone A has a shop, store No. 3587, to welcome new and old customers to the store site visits and business negotiations. Through the Internet and physical stores, so our customers around the world, and has good relations of cooperation to form a win-win mode. At the same time, our blueprint for the future is to build China's largest jewelry company, the largest online jewelry customized website. ...

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Company Name :Yiwu Tianlang Jewelry Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. cooler zhang
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Country :China China
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