Shenzhen Baoan District Xinan Xingda Metallic Materials Firm

Company Introduction

Support the environmental recovery and recycling of goods, we encourage people from all walks of life to achieve the implementation of long-term form of continuous environmental protection activities.

In order to fully implement the protection of the environment, all the recyclable things are sent to our company's ad hoc classification center, and are dealt directly with the operation in order to improve the recycling of trade factors.

To improve waste recycling, the quality and scope of the project must depend on the quality of supervision and the development of waste recycling for the integrity of effective contribution to environment and the social.

Breakdown of old clothes, for example, refers to the recycling of: old clothes, leather handbags, cloth curtains, plush toys, blankets and bed sheets, shoes and so on. Our company is specialized in the export of old clothes and the recycling of old clothes.

We can largely supply four-season old clothes (exports old clothes to Africa in summer). We can provide 500 tons per month for our cooperative customers and handle all the formalities to be sent to the designated national port. ...

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