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Shenzhen Huihang ElectronicCo.,Ltd. has been an experienced Electroluminescent Manufacturer for more than ten years. We mainly produce Electroluminescent (EL) Gifts, EL Toys, EL Advertising Panels and EL Film Switches. We have a separate production plant ,the factory size about 1000 square meters ,about 10 Production Lines , About 20 independent R & D team. We have technical department and quality control team, focusing on new items developing and goods well controlling. Quality is the first importance of our ideal. We have customers from all the worldwide, such as North America ,Eastern Europe ,Southeast Asia ,Mid East Eastern Asia and so on . the total Annual Sales Volume is Above US$100 Million Among them, the export ratio is around 80% - 90%.Profits increased year by year.

Development of high technology requirements of today's products is small, portable, application of simple, environmentally friendly energy. Currently, large energy efficient products will be the best the international market, while the corresponding number of high energy consumption products will be replaced by EL, EL cold light products, and applications will replace the birth of a large number of energy-intensive products, Today, the advanced countries in the EL cold light products have been fully applied to the different professions and areas of development to foreign countries are facing!

EL (electroluminescent) is added to the two electrodes by the voltage generated electric field, electric field excited by an electronic crashing luminescence centers, electronic energy levels caused by warp, change, light-emitting compound led to a physical phenomenon, namely the phenomenon of electroluminescence .El lamps (EL panel) is made using the above principle of an advanced, with extensive use and highlight the advantages of various electronic components.

Electroluminescent film with a light soft, uniform brightness, colorful, high visibility; Power consumption, low life, stability, strong, high pressure, no electric hazards, electromagnetic radiation, UV, and many other advantages, Therefore, the appearance of EL lighting for all walks of life both in terms of environmental design and product design to provide a new choice and application.

The main purpose products
Indicates warning signs: exit routes, emergency instructions, functional signs, traffic signs and so on.
LCD Module Backlight: For notebook computers, electronic organizers, telephones, pagers, home appliances and so on.
Electronic Gifts:
EL Products
1-1 EL Advertisement Poster;
1-2 EL panel / EL Backlight
1-3 EL T-shirt
1-4 EL panel for Clothes
1-5 EL Car sticker
1-6 EL cap / EL Badge / EL glasses
1-7 EL Wire
LED Products.
2-1 LED t-shirt
2-2 LED Lighting Cap
2-3 LED Buckle / LED tag
2-4 LED Lighting dog Products
2-5 LED shoelace
And Christmas lights, toys, lamps, night light, small badges, etc.
Watches, clocks, instrument backlighting; Advertising ...

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