Kaiping Haner Hardware Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Haner Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional sanitary ware manufacturer, which was founded on 2003. Now our company is located in China's Sanitary Base - Kaiping, Guangdong.

At the beginning, Haner mainly ODM and OEM water dividers, quick-open, conventional ceramic cartridges based on domestic customers' requirements and market trend.

With years of technology innovation and effective management, our company has been able to produce durable, stable, and reliable cartridges with moderate price for domestic and overseas customers. Our products are scientifically designed and produced with high-quality material. CNC lathes, auto-lathes, ands specially designed processing machines are used in production. To ensure cartridge quality, professional pressure testing machines are imported from Korea to test our every product before delivering to our customers. As we continuously brought in more technologies innovation, our ceramic cartridges annual capacity currently is able to reach 6,000,000 pieces.

In order to widen product category and better satisfy our customers' needs, we cooperated with Korean top cartridge manufacturers to start designing and producing thermostatic cartridges. A new factory was built for the thermostatic project. Our thermostatic cartridges are scientifically designed and processed under a strict standard. The most important part, thermostatic elements, are imported from Vernet France. In addition, a set of advanced thermostatic cartridge test system is imported from Korea. Every thermostatic cartridge must pass strict test before delivering to customers.

As we realize the development of thermostatic products, our new project on thermostatic faucets is started. Our products line include exposed thermostatic faucet, concealed thermostatic faucet, and thermostatic mixing valves.

Through many years of development, our company has already established firm and long-term relationships with domestic customers, as well as customers from Korea, Brazil, Turkey, and Singapore.

In the future, we hope to satisfy every one of you like we are always doing. ...

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Company Name :Kaiping Haner Hardware Co., Ltd.
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