Shanghai Magicraft Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Magicraft Co.,Ltd, who is the first manufacturer specializing in board game in China. We are located in Shanghai, and it only take 40 minutes drive to Shanghai port from our factory.
We're committed to making the highest quality games possible at the lowest costs. This ensures that games are affordable for customers and profitable for designers.
Magicraft is a full-service company, producing game boxes, game boards, cards, and die-cut punchboards, in addition to purchasing game components (e.g., wooden pieces, plastic figures, cotton bag, other special pieces) from our best partners to be included in games as needed by its clients. This gives customers "one-stop" shopping convenience and the ease of one point of contact for everything from determining prices to nailing down a delivery schedule.

Sample making:

we have the digital printer, and can make the sample rapidly with the lower cost for our client checking their design in hands.

Mass production:

Magicraft will receives printed paper and cardboard from outside sources. These are fed into machines specifically made for gluing and will eventually become box tops, box bottoms, game boards, cards, or game pieces.

Euro style box:

We will glue the box with the Jelly glue by machine which can avoid the bend, mold problems, even though you stock the box some years.

Game Boards:

Higher quality card board glued with the special glue together with printing paper, then the finished board will be dried enough by drying machine and stocked with the fixed temperature because of the air controlled facility.

Blue core or black core cards paper will be used, and coated with special varnish for poker. ...

Contact us

Company Name :Shanghai Magicraft Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. Pride hui
Address :No.118,Hangtou Road, Hangtou Town,Pudong
City :shanghai
Province / State :Shanghai
Country :China China
Telephone :86-2-151697796
Fax :86-2-151685296