Shenzhen Pengjin Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

SHENZHEN PENGJIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is engaged in product exploitation, production, processing and domestic and international trade business through the method of joint venture, cooperation, etc. Our company mainly deal in products is surveying instrument, laser instrument, pipe tools, precision tools, hydrological products, meteorological products and other instruments. We adhere to the "customer first, the credibility of the first" as the enterprise objective, "united, honest, efficient" as the enterprise spirit, by loyalty and professional service principle perform our duties, provide customer gradually perfect services.
1st, our main dealing in surveying and mapping instruments project is as follows:

1). Produce and sell PJK brand surveying instrument: Level instrument, theodolite, total station, RTK GPS, GIS products, handheld GPS, rebound apparatus, laser instrument, ultrasonic range finder, caliper scale, steel tape, glass fiber tape and its accessories etc.
2). General distributor of Hong Kong PJK brand planimeter total generation, Japan Mr Koizumi brand planimeter
(1)Planimeter PJ - 90 n, KP - 90 n, KP - 21 c, etc
(2) Map odometry pen: CV - 10, CV - 10 RCV, CV - 98 usb, CV - 5, etc
(3) General distributor for USA KESON products China ;
3)General agent for Hong Kong PJK brand series products : caliper scale, steel tape, measuring line, etc.
(4) USA SONIN brand China general distributor, Hong Kong PJK brand ultrasonic range finder general agent for: SONINCOMBO PRO and PJ - 45
(5)General agent for PJK brand GPS Measuring mu instrument PJK-X
(6)Special price sell Ashtech products: MM10, MM100, PM100, PM200, PM500, PM800, etc.
(7)Special price sell the United States RIDGID pipeline finder: SR - 20, SR - 60
(8)Special price sell Magellan explorer series handset 310, 510, 610, PRO 10
(9)Special price sell Trimble products 5700, 5800, R4, R5, R6, R7, the R8 GPS; S8, 'S6', S3, M3 total station; DINI03 electronic level instrument, etc.
(10)Special price sell LAIKA, spectrum, PuKang TOPCON, SOKKIA, NIKON, PENTAX measuring instruments, etc.
(11)Special price sell Ruide, South, Kolida, Sanding, Hi-Target, CHC, Unistrong , Boif ,Tjop , Changzhou Dadi, FOIF, KQ GEO homegrown measuring instrument.
(12)Special price supply PJK brand laser instrument: laser range finder, laser quashed instrument laser plumb aligner, laser marking instrument, laser telescope.
(13)Special price supply DAVIS meteorological products.
(14)Special price supply ODOM hydrological products: Finland Meditate depth finder: MD300, MD500, MD DSS, FLOWQUEST LADCP : 300, 600, 1000.
2nd, Special price sell underground pipeline finder, leak detector; Undertake underground pipeline detection, leak of surveying and mapping project, etc.
3rd, FMD and QX power IC, CHIP ON SCM grade one agent. Agent distributor of SAMSUNG,MAXIM,TI,FREESCALE,FAIRCHILD brand IC, etc.
4th, We exploit, produce and sell mobile power supply, LED lights, bladeless fan, electric welding machine, massager series of products, etc.
5th, Professional preferential import and export agent.
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Company Name :Shenzhen Pengjin Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Ms. Lisa Woo
Province / State :Guangdong
Country :China China
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