Jiangsu Xinhua Alloy Electric Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Jiangsu Xinhua Alloy Electric Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and exporter of Nickel-based alloy .As a private and high technology enterprise in Jiangsu province, our company is the drafter and reviser of National Standard GB/T1234 regarding electrothermal alloy.

Every year we have over 8000 tons output including wires, bars, strips, sectional materials, non-standard products and so on. And we have successfully developed resistance strip used in resistance box and stabilizer bar used in evaporator of nuclear plant, which are good enough compared with imports .

We have a full production line from raw material to cold rolling strip. The production flow includes vacuum melting, medium frequency smelting, electroslag remelting, forging, hot rolling, machining, heat treatment, 8 wire drawing lines, 2 cold-rolled strip lines. Our equipments are 1T and 100KG vacuum furnaces, 2T and 750KG Medium frequency induction furnaces, 26 sets of 30KG-1T electroslag refining furnaces, 3T electro-hydraulic hammer, 2 sets of 1T pneumatic hammer, 2 sets of machinery operators and 4 sets of most advanced heating furnaces for forging.

Our company also has our own testing equipments which can make physical testing and chemical analysis including spectral analysis, metallographic analysis, ultrasonic testing, hardness testing, impact testing, bend testing, tensile testing in room temperature and high temperature.

Our Products :
Electric heating alloy Heat resisting alloy
Precision alloy Corrosion alloy
High temp alloy Stainless steel
Nickel Alloy and Stainless steel welding wire
We request you to give us an opportunity to serve your esteemed organization by including us in your suppliers list. For further clarification on products, pricing, solutions, please feel free to contact us. ...

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Company Name :Jiangsu Xinhua Alloy Electric Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Ms. Fang Hua
Address :No.16 south in Zhangguo, Xinghua
City :Taizhou
Province / State :Jiangsu
Country :China China
Telephone :086-0-52383999006
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