Taicang Fuhao Copper Products Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Taicang Fuhao Copper Products Co.,Limited is the leading manufacturer and exporter in China for Copper Tube, Brass Tube,Copper Nickel Tube, Welded Stainless Tube, Seamless Steel Tube, Titanium Tube, and Nickel Tube, with its humble starting of business in China since 1998.

Rough Ideas about us:
Neighboring Shanghai City, China---the so-called EASTERN PEARL, our company has established four modern plants, which has covered totally 40,000square meters with the advanced equipments imported from Taiwan, America and Europe; around 200 excellent engineers and technicians and 400 well-trained workers now are employed by the company. Our company has independant import and export rights.
Until end of 2008, except holding 19% market share in China, our company has also exported upto 5000metric tons of various copper alloy tubes to over 30 countries, such as:USA,Canada, France, England, U.A.E., Malaysia,etc, from our 25000meteric tons capacity of our main products: copper tube, brass tube, and copper-nickel Tube.

ISO9001:2000 Manufacturer:
As the most important supplier for metal tubes in China, we are ISO9001:2000 certified and our quality control staff in four plants work closely with production and supplier to ensure the entire production line meets all relevant North American Standard(ASTM), European Standard(EN and BS), and Japanese Standard(JIS).

Main Products:
A. Copper Alloy Tubes
Seamless Copper Tube in LWC and PCC and Straight Length in C12200(DHP) and C12000(DLP), Seamless Red Brass Tubes in C23000, Seamless Low Brass Tubes in C24000, Seamless Cartidge Brass Tubes in C26000 and C26130(with .02%-.08%As), Seamless Yellow Brass Tubes in C26800(66%) and C27000(65%) and C27400(63%),Seamless Muntz Metal Tubes in C28000(60%), Seamless Admiralty Brass Tubes inC44300(with .02%-.06%As), Seamless Aluminum Brass Tubes in C68700, Seamless Copper-Nickel Tubes in C70400(5%Ni) and C70600(10%Ni) and C71500(30%Ni)and C71640.
B.Nickel Alloy Tubes
Seamless Nickel Copper Alloy pipes in UNS No.4400.
C.Steel Tubes
Welded Stainless Steel Pipes in C304 and C304L and C316 and C316L and C439 and C439L, Seamless Steel Pipes for Low and Medium Pressure, Seamless Steel Pipes for structural Purpose, Precision Seamless Steel Tubes, Cold-drawn or Cold-rooled Precision Seamless Steel tube for Liquid Service, Petroleum Cracking Tubes, Precision Inner Diameter Seamless Steel Tube used for Hydraulic And Pneumatic Cylinders.
D.Coated Copper Tube
HVAC line-sets/insulated copper tubes, PVC or PE coated Copper Tubes (with or without copper wire) for LPG(Auto Gas)Vehicles.
E.Tiatanium Tube
Seamless Titanium Tubes in Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3.
F. Finned Tube
Low Finned and High Finned Tubes made of copper, copper alloys, aluminum, carbon steels, alloyed steels and titanium.

Excellent Price:
We supply Good products, Good delivery, Good Service, and Good Price, which we believe will better support your business.
Good products means International Good Quality, which you can find in our products;
Good Delivery means within 35 days, which you only spend to see your order ready in our plants;
Good Service means constructive suggestion and guide, which comes from our excellent sales and engieer and help you know how better to use our products for unexpected extra value;
Good Price means the achievements shared with our customers, which benifit from our cost-continuous-control plan.

If you are interested in some of our products, please feel free to visit our website or contact us for more information and pictures. We are looking forward to set up a long-term friendly business relationship with you in near future. ...

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Company Name :Taicang Fuhao Copper Products Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. Tony Wang
Address :No. 188, Jianhu Road, Xinhu Area, Shuang
City :Taicang
Province / State :Jiangsu
Country :China China
Telephone :86-5-1253411688
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