Dongguan Lis Cosmetic Sales Department

Company Introduction

Lis Cosmetic Manufactory Limited specializes in producing all kinds of hair curlers, beauty products and gardening foam tools. Our main products are hair curlers, hair cutting caps and aprons, hair brushes, soft twist ties, gardening soft ties and other related products.

Our hair curlers are easy and quick rollers for dry and damp hair.

Our versatile tie has the soft rubbery outside and the strong galvanized steel core, and is gentle enough to tie plants, and strong enough to lash bamboo or other supports.

Our microwave warming bags meet the sanitation standard and are convenient, quick warming and safe. You only need to put them in microwave stoves for 3 minutes, and then they can keep warm for 30 minutes.

Product characteristics
Cut with wire cutters, not pruners
Soft enough for vines and vegetables
Tough enough for trees and woody plants ...

Contact us

Company Name :Dongguan Lis Cosmetic Sales Department
Contact Person :Ms. ALAN SONG
Address :WanJiang District .
City :Dongguan
Country :China China
Telephone :86-7-6923297512
Fax :86-7-6922993065