Shenzhen Intech Indesign Technology Ltd.

Company Introduction

INDESIGN is an innovator and leader in the fields of R&D, manufacture, sale and design in China, which is established in 2007,provides interactive equipments and solutions for education, training, distance learning, conferencing, business, advertising and so on. We can also produce products according to customers'requirements.

INDESIGN products devided to two technologies mainly. IR Multi-touch Interactive Whiteboards, Portable Interactive Whiteboards, Interactive Projectors, Interactive Solution (Optic module and IR SKD), Interactive Frame, LED Touch TV/PC All-in-one, Voting Systems, Motion Presenter and others. All of the products are combined with powerful software that provides easy-to-use and cost-effective collaboration and solutions.

The headquarters is located in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province. We have a branch office in Hong Kong and an agency in the Middle East. Our factory is located in Bao'an district, Shenzhen city. The factory covers a vast area of 1500 Sq.m. and has many different production lines. The number of workers is nearly 100. So far, the production capacity of infrared interactive whiteboard, it has come up to 30,000 sets per year. The production capacity of portable interactive whiteboard is 30,000 sets per year.

Our spirit is honesty, simpleness, optimism, innovation and teamwork. We are honest to each other!We are honest to our clients! We insist simple and direct communication way and simple interpersonal relationship. We keep optimistic attitude to life and work. We are innovation and we all believe innovation and teamwork can create a miracle.

Our goals are "with our products, groups can access and share information for people who need to meet, teach, train and present regardless of distance" and "enable communication which can ultimately expand the potential of what students, businesses and others can achieve".

Whether creating solutions for education and training or creating components for OEM customers, we have unparalleled engineering know-how, exceptional technical expertise, and the highest-quality products. We aim to meet demands of corporate partners in a myriad of vertical markets.

In response to new requirements of the times, based on the principle of 'win-win, Innovation, Brave and Empressement." with all the strength, we aim to build a company with rapid growth, innovative guidance and international technology. We are looking forward to establishing relationships with you in the near future. ...

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Company Name :Shenzhen Intech Indesign Technology Ltd.
Contact Person :Ms. Nora Ni
Address :(Nantou Industrial Estate 9 Bldg)210-222
City :Shenzhen
Province / State :Guangdong
Country :China China
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