Lidl Commodities Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Direct manufacturer over 10 years,located in Ningbo,mainly produce in 2 categories of products: LCD/Plasma Screen cleaning kit, HDTV screen cleaner, display / TV screen cleaner, Digital camera lens cleaner, screen cleaner, cleaning brush, cleaning wipes,Monitor/Computer/Laptop Screen cleaner, Mobile phone Screen cleaner, ATM cleaning card, biodegradable/PLA/cornstarch bottle, anti-fog lens cleaner, disinfection solution,antibacterial solution, spray bottle,cleaning spray,biological cleaner liquid, waterless hand wash, hand sanitizer,and environmentally friendly plastic bottle; as well as safety match, fireplace match, waterproof/weatherproof match, butane lighter gas, Lighter gas refill, lighter fluid, lighter fuel and other promotional gifts and crafts.

With quality products and professional services, we are your perfect and reliable choice. Seeing is believing. ...

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Company Name :Lidl Commodities Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. Kevin TANG
Address :NO.8 Younger Road
Province / State :Zhejiang
Country :China China
Telephone :86-5-7456283345