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Company Introduction :Donsin Industry Co., Ltd. is a special manufacturer and supplier of canning machinery.

In market competition, everyone in DONSIN keeps "Do Excellence" firmly in mind anytime. Since establishment, DONSIN has developed products for meeting various kinds of customers' requirements, such as L1, L2 and L3 processing lines; 4B, 4C, S and 4D seamer/capper series; 7A, 7B filler series.

For past years, DONSIN has improved the advanced NC tool machines and CAD/CAM/CAE systems continuously. DONSIN provides high performance machinery and high quality services for canning industries.

Main Products

L1 Series Liquid Filling-Seaming Lines; 2500 to 25000 cans per hour

L2 Series Paste Filling-Seaming Lines; 3000 to 18000 cans per hour

L3 Series Chinese Congee or Corn Filling-Seaming Lines; 12000 to 25000 cans per hour

L4 Series Luncheon Meat Filling-Seaming Lines; 2700 to 7200 cans per hour

L5 Series Canned Fish Lines; 3600 to 12000 cans per hour

4B Series Seamers; 42 to 600 cans per minute

4C Series Large-Can Seamers; 25 to 45 cans per minute

4D Series Glass Jar Cappers; 30 to 300 bottles per minute

4D-A Series Plastic-Cap Cappers; 150 units per minute

S Series Irregular-Can Seamers; 20 to 60 cans per minute

7B Series Liquid Fillers; 40 to 500 cans per minute

7A Series Paste Fillers; 30 to 300 cans per minute

7A-M Series Luncheon Meat Fillers; 60 to 120 cans per minute

7B-A Series Granule Fillers; 160 to 500 cans per minute

C Series Can Cleaners

T1 Series Load/Unload Systems for Sterilizers

T2 Series Conveying Systems

T3 Series Empty Can Depolarizers


Raw Material Processing machines
Business Nature :Manufacturer

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Company Name :Donsin Industry Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. Tank Lin
Address :Block B-2, South Nei-Chong-Gong Industri
City :Shantou
Province / State :Guangdong
Country :China China
Telephone :86-7-5488828888
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