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Company Introduction :Zhangjiagang Runkun Wear Resistant Materials CO., Ltd. is a company with expert knowledge on manufacturing wear resistant steel plates (wear resistant composite steel plates), wear resistant pipe, and extreme wear resistant electrode. Our production line is controlled by industry experts and we own 33 wear resistant steel plate production lines and 15 wear resistant pipe production lines; the standard of produced wear resistant composite steel plates achieve international standard (ISO9000). Our products are widely applied in the fields of concrete, draught fan, mining machinery, metallurgy, chemical machinery, etc.

Our company exclusively released the wear resistant steel plates that are accordance with the newest standard. Hardness of wear resistant overlaying welding is 63 degree; our steel plates are still highly wear resistance even under the temperature of 500 ~ 600 Celsius degrees. The hardness of tempered steel keeps at HRC 63. The wear-resistance of our products is 20~ 25 times better than low carbon steel, 5 ~ 10 times better than stainless and high manganese steel, at least 1.5 times better than high-carbon high-chromium wear resistant steel plates. The plates can be curled into different bending rate arcs depending on the thickness of different motherboards.

Our company has the largest wear resistant composite steel plate production lines. The size of an one-time produced wear-resistant plate can reach up to 12m times 2.2m=26.4m2 and it is 6.5 times larger than the biggest size in current market; our company has ended the history of importing large wear resistant steel plates from other countries. We highly improved the efficiency of our large national projects and the effectiveness of the usage for wear resistant steel plates. Our company has solved the problems that come from traditional wear resistant plates, such as too many welding seams found in wear resistant plates and hardship in forming models. At the same time, we maximized the utilization, reduced waste. Depending on different size requests, our company can customize the products according to the blueprint, and reduce our costumers material wastage to zero.

Double metal wear resistant composite pipe is produced by inner wall welding machine, the smallest pipe we can produce is diameter 80mm, thickness of the pipe wall is 5~30mm, the wear resistant pipe has dual metal characteristics, work layer is wear resistant and the base layer is flexible. Wear resistant layer contains high carbon and high chromium, also wear resistant layer with temperature resistance contains Mo, W, V, B, Nb, Ti and other alloy elements, the microstructure of wear resistant layer is eutectic +M7C3 carbide or complex carbide, the product with very good wearability and it can be applied under the circumstance of room temperature, high temperature, medium impact, low stress impact.

Our company has very strong technical ability; the manufactured wear resistant composite steel plates have passed all the tests performed by National Welding Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

We welcome any business from different industries and looking forward for corporation from worldwide.
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