Xiamen Jui Yi Technical Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Jui Yi Technical Co., Ltd. (Taiwan): 50 employees; more than 180 dealers
Xiamen Jui Yi Technical Co., Ltd. (Xiamen, mainland China): 500 employees; more than 1,000 dealers

Jui Yi Technical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, with headquarters located in Chiayi, Taiwan. Our company produces professional radar detectors, video recorders, GPS radar detectors, GPS radar recorders (3 in 1 combos), GPS radar recorder navigators (4 in 1 combos), GPS coordinates collection systems and car anti-theft monitoring devices (GPRS tracker systems), and distributes them all around the world, gradually developing OEM and ODM business.

Jui Yi Technical Co., Ltd. expands the product distribution network. The reliable quality of the products helps us to develop cooperation with partners from mainland China, Europe, America, Hong Kong and Macao. We are actively involved in new product development. Defining speed, distance, orientation and positioning allows users to know their location, to understand the distance between location and target, easily master the increasingly complicated road conditions and stay away from speed tickets!

Jui Yi Technical Co., Ltd. is not just a company that produces radar signal receivers, but also has patents for many various devices. Radar detectors not only remind the drivers of the safe speed, but also help to save money. Reaching the highest standards, JUI YI passed ISO certification and CE certification. We always grasp the pulse of the automotive technology development and continuously improve service standards, strongly pushing forward the development of the industry. ...

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Company Name :Xiamen Jui Yi Technical Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. Tommy Chen
Address :8F, No.81, Huliindustrial Park, Meixi Av
City :XIAMEN City
Province / State :Fujian
Country :China China
Telephone :86-5-926108103
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