Shanghai Total Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Shanghai Total Industrial Co., Ltd. is producing and supplying thickness meter/gauge, coating thickness meter, gloss meter, moisture meter, PH meter, refractometer, thermometer, anemometer, sound level meter, lux meter, infrared thermometer, multimeter, clamp meter, gas detector, ORP meter, ph controller, ORP controller, TDS meter, alcohol tester, cable tie, stainless steel cable tie, cable clip, cable gland, cable terminal, cable lug. hole saws, rotary burrs, twist drills, end mills.

Our detailed products are as follows:
Measurement and meter: multimeter, clamp meter, anemometer, dew point meter, tachometer, moisture tester, moisture meter, humidity meter, lux meter, sound level meter, stroboscope, thickness gauge, thickness meter, coating thickness meter, painting thickness meter, thermometer, temperature meter, infrared thermometer, vibration meter, range finder, distance meter, process calibrator, metal detector, gas detector, gas alarm, halogen leak detector, voltage detector, electronic scale, tire pressure gauge, shore hardness tester, surface roughness tester, Force Gauge, Electric Test Stand, Manual Test Stand, Shore Durometer, Torque Meter, Dial Tension Gauge, Fruit penetrometer, ultrasonic cable height meter, Angle Meter, alcohol tester, PH meter, ORP meter, TDS meter, Conductivity Meter, magnetic stirrer, water hardness tester, dissolved oxygen meter, refractometer, gemological refractometer, leeb hardness tester, gloss meter, glossiness meter, window tint meter, manometer, electrosmog meter, gauss meter, tesla meter, EMF meter, solar power meter, 3 Phase Power Analyzer, cable tracker, wire tracker, measuring wheel, battery tester, test hammer, polarimeter, spectrophotometer, microscope, oscilloscope, frequency counter. Mosquito Repeller, Mouse Chaser, Fly Killer & Mouse killer.
Automotive sensor simulator and tester, automotive ignition system tester, automotive digital diagnostic tool kits, automotive brake fluid checker, automotive short & open finder.

Cable assemblies: cable tie, stainless steel cable tie, PVC coated stainless steel cable tie, polyester coated ss cable tie, plastic sprayed stainless steel cable tie, plastic covered stainless steel cable tie, releasable stainless steel cable tie, ladder stainless steel cable tie, stainless steel ladder cable tie, semi-coated stainless steel cable tie, stainless steel cable marker, cable gland, brass cable gland, blind cover, cable clip, nail clip, conduit, PVC conduit & fittings, AS/NZ standards 2053 conduit, cable terminal, cable lug, copper lug, crimping tools, cable marker, cable connector, wire connector, cable clamp, tie mount, spiral wrapping band, terminal block. Feeder clamp, cable clamp, Grounding kits, Cable entry, wall entry.

Industrial automation: relay, time relay, electronic timing relay, relay socket. sensor, proximity sensor, proximity switch, photoelectric sensor, photoelectric switch, photo sensors, switching power supply, DC power supply, push button switch, programmable time switch.

Low-voltage apparatus: circuit breaker, isolating switch, distribution box, contactor. thermal overload relay, remote control socket.

Cutting tools:
drill bits, twist drill, center drill, carbide drill, rotary burrs, rotary file, rotary burs, end mills, hole saw, bi-metal hole saw, Diamond Core Drill Bit, diamond concrete hole saw, concrete drill core bits, Carbide Gritted Hole Saw, Carbide Tipped Hole Saw, taps and dies, screw taps, thread taps, screw dies, step drill, reamer, electric hammer drill, masonry drill bits.

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Company Name :Shanghai Total Industrial Co., Ltd.
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