Guey Lin Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

We offer many items, for all your office needs. 1. Labels and Tags-laser, inkjet, thermal and continuous labels, tags and supplies for all your labeling needs. 2. Dot Matrix Printer Supplies-Continuous feed computer paper and supplies for your impact printers. 3. Laser Printer Supplies-All sorts of laser printer papers and perforated forms not to mention huge selection of OEM supplies for your laser printer. 4. Inkjet Printer Supplies-Inkjet paper and specialty paper galore broken down by ...

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Company Name :Guey Lin Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Ms. Fang-Yuan Chang
Address :No. 21 Lan. 380 Shinlin Rd.
City :Pushin County Changhau Taiwan
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-4-8284270
Fax :886-4-8291746