Formosa Tech Intl, Inc.

Company Introduction

We are one of the leading fiber specialists located in Asia. We manufacture fiberglass mats and chopped fiberglass strands, a perfect raw material for acoustic and thermal insulation. We also provide carbon fiber fabrics for reinforcement parts in the automotive and sporting goods market.
Due to our highly sophisticated production processes in the high-tech country of Taiwan and our cost-efficient sourcing throughout Asia, we are able to offer you high quality products at unrivaled prices. Our ...

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Company Name :Formosa Tech Intl, Inc.
Contact Person :Mr. Karsten Schubert
Address :No. 32 Sc. 3 Min-Der North Rd.
City :Douliu City
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-5-5514638
Fax :886-5-5514657