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Company Introduction :Our Vision: Based on development and manufacture of linear motion components, OME makes human life more exquisite.

OME was established since 2004, started linear guide mass production line from 2007. Excellent high quality products are highly recognized by our customers. Our own developed linear transmission parts have received many patents and have certificates include: ISO9001, ISO13485, GMP. We have established an excellent brand reputation with our outstanding product quality by providing high quality and highly effective services along with competitiveness in the market. We are found and established in Taiwan, and set our vision towards the global market.

2012. 09 Acquisition of Chinese Yearly Top Ten Most Promising and Innovative Design of The 10th Golden Torch Award

2014. 10 Acquisition of Excellent Enterprise of The 11th National Brand YUSHAN Award

2015. 11 Acquisition of The 22nd Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award

2015. 12 Acquisition of 2015~2016 Taiwan Outstanding SME

Acquisition of PAS 2050 Verifications for Carbon Footprint

Acquisition of ISO 14067 Verifications for the Assessment of the Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Goods and Services

2015. 12 Acquisition of The 17th Golden Peak Award

2016.01 Acquisition of ISO 50001 The Energy Management

2016.12 Acquisition of The 2nd placein Medical Robot Competition

2017.02 Acquisition of Nano Tech 2017 Business Matching Award
Main Products :Linear Guide-BGC Series-Cage type
Linear Guide-BGX Series-Non Cage type
Linear Guide-MBC Series - Cage type
Linear Guide-MBX Series - Non Cage type
Ball Screw FSE Type
Ball Screw FSB Type
Ball Screw FDI Type
Ball Screw FDU Type
Ball Screw FSI Type
Ball Screw FSK Type
Ball Screw FSS Type
Ball Screw FSU Type
Ball Screw RSH Type
Ball Screw RSK Type
Ball Screw RSU Type
Ball Screw RSY Type
STAF Ball Screw-DM
STAF Linear Guide MB Series DM
STAF Linear Guide-catalog
STAF Linear Guide BG Series DM

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Company Name :OME Technology Co., Ltd.
Address :No. 46, Lane 168, Sanshu Rd., Sanxia Dist.
City :New Taipei City
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
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Telephone :+886-2-2671-6600
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