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Processless CTP Plate

Model : GE-G

GE Processless (process-free) plate is a new kind of environment-friendly and cost-efficient product which benefits printers to safe the processing stage. After exposure, it can be put on press directly. With high run lengths, ...

Double-Layered CTcP Plates

With the leading double coated technology, GE double-layered CTcP plate specially designed for excellent resistance for UV-inks. It delivers longer run-length and higher with lower energy ...

Single-Layered CTcP Plates

CTcP refers to Computer-to-Conventional-Plate. GE CTcP plate is uniquely designed for UV sensitive emulsion coating for UV-CTP platesetters. A great transformation from the tradition PS plate, CTcP is more cost-effective without films ...

Double-Layered CTP Plates

GE double-layered thermal CTP plate technology uses a highly chemical resistance second layer which allows you to enjoy the long-run printing without baking needed. Compared to single-layered CTP plate, GE double-layered CTP plate ...

Single-Layered CTP Plates

With years of experience and matured technology, GE single-layered thermal CTP plate delivers stable performance on press with easy operation process. CTP (Computer-to-plate) has several advantages over traditional (PS) ...

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