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Pressure Roots Blowers

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Pressure Roots Blowers
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GT series

GOLDENTECH provides you with the most professional wastewater treatment devices.

GOLDENTECH is a leading aeration tank pump manufacturer. Pressure Tri-lobe Roots Blowers is a new series designed for sewage treatment equipment to provide high-efficiency pneumatic conveying solutions. With the powerful airflow volume, they can stably transmit the oxygen to the aeration tank, achieving the required oxygen demand (BOD/COD), and activating the microorganisms in the water to improve filtration and sewage purification efficiency. The sturdy and durable rotors by GOLDENTECH advanced CNC technology of manufacturing and design provide wastewater treatment equipment with reliable performance, low noise, and low pulsation compression.

  • Wide range for outlet air volume and pressure
  • Stable outlet air volume and pressure change.
  • Clear outlet air. No oil polluted. Dual oil cases separated from air cell.
  • Rigid and solid construction. Easy for maintenance.
  • Bearings lubricated by gear oil. Good heat radiation. Long working hours.

Roots Blower Specification:




0.5~360 m3/min





  • Longer Bearing Life

The outstanding design of the tri-lobe blowers from GOLDENTECH has a better load distribution between the rotor and the gear. The tri-lobe blowers at an angle of 120° to each other allow them a high Rotational speed and effectively reduce the vibration during the operation, the bearing life longer by approximately 20%.

  • Lower Noise

The advanced tri-lobe design controls the backflow pressure to the rotor, effectively reducing the pressure pulsation in the process. The rotor by precision grinding processing ensures the smooth, silent running, and accurate timing of the rotating impeller, it saving energy consumption and reducing the noise level by about 5dB.

  • Lower energy consumption  

Three lobes' design control backflow pressure to rotor so reduce energy consumption.

  • High Performance, Easy for Maintenance:

All the products from GOLDENTECH are to be ready for shipment after qualified by wind tunnel testing and the strict quality control passed. The Tri-lobe blower adopts a dual oil case design separated from the air cell to make it more convenient for maintenance. With oil lubrication, the bearing can provide the advantages of low operating temperature and long running time.

  • Municipal & Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Aquaculture Farm
  • Particle (pneumatic or pressure) conveying
  • Pneumatic Transport System (Powder and Solids)
  • Paper industry
  • Eletroplating pool Air mixed
  • Aquaculture Aeration Systems
  • Paper Manufacturing Plant
  • Other Industrial Aeration Tank

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