Goldentech Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction :Goldentech Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982. We are the most professional Tri-lobed Roots Blower Manufacturer in Southeast Asia. After repeatedly research and strict quality test and control, Goldentech Roots Blower was confirmed the best Roots Blower supplier by our customers around the world. Monthly shipment over 3,000 sets.
Main Products :Roots Blower - Taiwan
Vacuum Roots Blowers
Disc/Tube Diffuser
Soundproof Enclosure
Bio-contact Filter
Ring Blower
Gin Hong Submersible Pump

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Company Name :Goldentech Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
Address :No1., Qiongjiao Road
City :Nanzi District, Kaohsiung
Province / State :Kaohsiung
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Website :
Telephone :+886-7-358-1018
Fax :+886-7-358-1005