Yi-Lay Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Yi-Lay Co., Ltd. after 30 years of cold and heat, still adhere to the original intention of loyal and committed to enhance the quality of cosmetics research and development, as a qualified registered manufacturer of cosmetics factory, with five (liquids, emulsions, powders, oils, salves) Professional license. Aolu Watchers franchise trademark brand of cosmetics (OULELY), Ace cosmetics (AICE), Ace Cosmetics (AICEMEI), Machi Yang cosmetics (MAGIC YOUNG), warm long cosmetics (HOT 99) and so on, throughout the province dealer sincerely hope more excellence, presented to customers perfect quality and consistent service. ...

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Company Name :Yi-Lay Co., Ltd.
Address :No.17, Anlin 6th St., Yanchao Dist.,
City :Kaohsiung City
Province / State :Kaohsiung
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Website :http://en.aice-oulely.com/
Telephone :886-7-6141715
Fax :886-7-6141513