Yuh Yih Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Established in 1971, Yuh Yih Industrial has over threedecades of experience manufacturing A/V cleaners andaccessories. We also have our own Yuh Yih brand, and 28years of experience in international trade. In fact, weexported over 5 million units to buyers worldwide last yearalone.When you source from us, you?ll have new products to choosefrom every quarter, samples in seven days, orders finishedin 30 days or less, one-year guarantees and other valuableservices. To find our more, contact us today.

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Company Name :Yuh Yih Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address :609, Yan-Sin St.
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-6-25355079
Fax :886-6-2533467