Gino-Tech Engineering Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Ginotek Parts Co., Ltd. is an established Taiwanorganization, engaged in the manufacture and export ofvarious (1) auto brake caliper assembly and related parts, such as calipers, pistons, cores, push rods, hand brakelevers (2) diesel feed pumps assembly and related parts(3) engine parts, such as engine gaskets, rocker lever,governor lever, oil straining device (4) molded rubberparts-rubber gaskets, buffers, anti-vibration device,sound protection device .

Contact us

Company Name :Gino-Tech Engineering Co., Ltd.
Contact Person : Miss Cheng
Address :No.16, Lane 312, Gong 2nd Rd.
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-3-4800029
Fax :886-3-4800239