Nansing Electronics Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Nansing Electronic Co, LTD.widely known as? EuVos? (euphonious voice ),headquarter in Chiayi city ,Taiwan, hasapplied itself to designing RF and audio devices for morethan 20 years;Working with a famous and advanced electroniccompany overseas, EuVos enjoys the state-of- the-art RFtechniques. EuVos took orders of OEMs and ODMs, havingdesigned and produced VHF/UHF,PLL Wireless MicrophoneSystems,Wireless PA Systems.Distributors and dealers arewelcome to contact us.

Contact us

Company Name :Nansing Electronics Co., Ltd.
Contact Person : Judy Hung
Address :No 60. Lane 55, Minsheng South Road
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-5-2259134
Fax :886-5-2259144