Tzy Liang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Tzy Liang is established in 2001, address: Building A, 12,Alley 323, Fu Xing Road, Luzhou City, Taipei County. Itproduces auto parts for cars and motorcycle use. ( for Halley motorcycle, fuel tank cap, cover of shockabsorber cover, roller chain cover). Hardware parts,developing/manufacturing of hardware mold and plasticsmold.General Manager of Tzy Liang, Mr. Ming Cong Lin has beenengaged in hardware industry for more than ten years. Hebuilds up his credibility and goodwill for his prestige andword-of-mouth.Mr. Lin always puts customers in the first place. Integrityand not disclosure of any business confidentiality are hisbelief of business ethics.He keeps learning to improve professional knowledge butalso developing new specific molds applied to productionplanning and mass production.In 2005, LCD monitor and car PC peripheral are included toexisting product lines. Sales grow dramatically as a resultof high product quality and stability.In order to meet market demand, expand market share andimprove competitiveness, Tzy Liang purchases a new machine:160 tons of Hydraulic die-punching press that bringsimproving production efficiency and stabilizes qualitystandard. ...

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Company Name :Tzy Liang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. Lin
Address :No.12 A, Lane 323, Fu-Shin Rd., Lujou Ci
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-2-28481069
Fax :886-2-22888339