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JAGURA Taiwan is the only one manufacture who can provide you the total grinding solution for the various industry fields, such as the Mold & Die/Fastener/Auto Parts/Machine Tool/Gear/I.T....etc. The following is our mold and die brief introduction just for your reference With our hundreds patents the grinding field, JAGURA�� products now are the models in the Mold and Die field. You can check the attachment drawings as an example to see some of our techniques about the fastener die,and the very simple way we grind this fastener mold In Taiwan, Our products mean the total Grinding solution for the Mold and Die/Fastener field. Our mold and die special grinders, such as the 1. Punch grinder                             2. Bush I.D. grinder   3. Micro I.D. grinder                        4. Center less grinder   5. Cylindrical grinder.                     6. Internal grinder 7. Internal & cylindrical grinder   8. CNC Carbide Die grinder 9. Long-hole grinder Absolutely our customers can easily find some of our products which will fit their needs with reasonable and competitive price via our strong marketing supports; our customers will increase their production efficiency and increase the ROI( return on investment) and the revenue in no time. It just takes you a few min. to see the brief introduction of us.    JAGURA, a leader of grinding machine manufacturer, found in 1986, is a well known company in Taiwan, as a well established company; we have skilled technicians, innovative R&D, knowledgeable directors of board and experienced sales team. That�� why JAGURA can provide the shortest delivery date in Taiwan, even the customized machines. To live up to be excellent, we have lots patents in the grinding field. We have been working hard to build up our reputation in over 20 countries around the world according to the business concept of ��o service, no repeat order �� based on our seamless integra ...

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Contact Person : Acer Su
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
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