Company Introduction

Founded on July 5th, 1975, Ironcastle Industrial Co., a professional manufacturer of EVA plastic foam. Thefactory was originally situated in Pei-Tung of Taiwan, andthen, due to the expansion of business, it had moved to thecurrent location in 1981. When the company was established,it mainly produced EVA plastic foam for sandals, platformsand beach sandals, which were very fashionable at thattime. However, in view of the boom of shoe industry inTaiwan and different demands from our customers, weconstantly develop and create a diversified productcategory. Now we have multi-layer EVA plastic foamingmaterial, MODEL WEDGE and EVA plastic foaming material forsports shoes, cork + EVA plastic foam material and supersoft EVA plastic foam for classy shoes.To overcome the transfer of shoe factories from Taiwan toabroad, Ironcastle makes extra efforts to develop andresearch. Also, we produce colorful plastic mat,exercise/aerobics mat, EVA colorful slice for the artclass, DIY work, EVA plastic foam material for handbag andpurse, and plastic accessory for computer. Now we transformourself into a diversified plastic factory, with twoproduction lines and annual production of 4000 tons. Wealso set up the CHENGXING faction in Dalung Town, Dongguan,Guangdong of China in 1993, and produce MODEL WEDGE, EVAplastic foam for sports shoe and beach sandal as well asvarious EVA plastic foaming materials.At present, we are enthusiastic about developing the smallscale of foaming and EVA injection areas. Now, there are 12production lines with the annual production of 14800 tonsin CHENGXING factory. Therefore, we persevere indevelopment, creativity, growth, and the long-lastingoperation moral. ...

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Contact Person : D.L. Huang
Address :82-10, Ching Chin Lane, Chien Chin Li, P
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-8-7527271
Fax :886-8-7534588