Company Introduction

Outie Co., Ltd. established in 1993, we have decade yearsof experience in producing assorted automobile fineaccessories. Due to our excellent R&D ability in automobileremodeling products, we are reputable and echo-friendlyamong International clients. Based on the principles of"Quality, Service and Innovation", we have a remarkabledesigner team responsible for R&D and customer service tomeet customers' needs. We insist on everlasting upgradingon service and quality, fulfilled by all our staffs. In1998, we passed through ISO-9002 certification, identifiedas ODE No.1 with private label as IDFR (Idea First),guiding into corporate system, we are not only do our bestbut also stick to sustainable management for sharpenedcompetition.Since our establishment, we are flexible to ever-changingworld market, by ceaseless improvement on product qualityand innovation, aiming at total customer satisfaction,competitive price but higher end.Based on Taiwan, we eye on global market to heavily investon R&D, equipments, building new office hoping to createmore valuable products and serve clients better. ...

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Company Name :OUTIE CO., LTD.
Contact Person :MR.K.C.Hsieh
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-4-7517988
Fax :886-4-7518388