Company Introduction

Established in 1997, Busitop International Co., Ltd.emerged to deal with the business of carbon fiber/ glassfiber materials. Based on the principle of sincerity,credibility and customer priority, we?re engaging inhigh-tech products.Current offers:1. Carbon fiber and patent carbon fiber pre-dipping fiberprepreg and related materials2. Carbon fiber woven fiber and carbon/glass fiber andKevlar fiber woven with fibers of multiple colors3. Specialty chemicals4. Electronic precision machinery equipment5. Special materials6. Functional productsRaw materials: Carbon fiber and patent carbon fiberpre-dipping fiber prepreg, carbon/glass fiber compositematerials, special reinforced epoxy, special engineeringplastics, specialty chemicals, chemical materials.Patent carbon fiber paper prepreg: multinational patentsawarded.1. S3C-0997U Taiwan New-style Patent No.: M3487822. S3N-0355U Japan New-style Patent No.: 31495233. S3N-0378I U.S. Invention Pat. Pending No.: 12/480,906(pre-dipping carbon fiber cloth structure)4. S3N-0379U Korea New-style Patent Pending No.:20-2009-00065915. China New-style Patent No.: ZL2008202009439pre-dipping carbon fiber cloth structure (carbon fiberprepreg)A. Spec.. Carbon prepreg, carbon fiber paper. FAW: 075 ~ 200 G/SQM + 10 G or 15G or 20 G/SQM---> C. F.. Prepreg (all carbon fiber) RC: 25 ~ 50 % (epoxy resin)B. Advantages(1)(Glass Scrim) Replacing glass scrim and overalluplifting to full carbon fiber structure materials.(2)(Strength) Increasing dynamic strength(3)(Deflection) Increasing dynamic deflection(4)(Torque) Increasing dynamic torque(5)(Light) Increasing lightweight designC. Applicable Products1. (Fish rod) Fish rod2. (Golf shaft) golf shaft3. Badminton racket4. Hockey stick5. Ski pole6. Tennis racket7. Flat panel structure8. Baseball bat9. Carbon fiber structure10.Carbon fiber bicycle11.Carbon fiber electric car12.Mast13.Safety shoe2).Finished Products: carbon fiber bicycle racks, carbon fiberbicycle accessories, building carbon fiber reinforcementmaterials, carbon fiber woven fiber hard pieces, softpieces or panel materials, bullet-proof fiber boards, nylonwith fiber, copper soldering flux.3).New Products: patent carbon fiber pre-dipping cloths,patent anti-counterfeit and multi-elastic carbon fibertubes, patent anti-scratch, flexible carbon fiber wovenpieces. Oversea agents such as Japan, Korea, SE Asian andNorth American markets wanted. Carbon fiber woven fiber,carbon/glass fiber and Kevlar fiber woven with fibers ofmultiple colors.4).Carbon fiber paper 15 & 20 & 25 g/sqm & 3 mm & 6 mm shortcarbon fiber ...

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Contact Person : C.an Hsiao
Address :No.136 ,Uen Don Street , Lone Chin Town
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
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