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We are the agent of the Aquron Corp. which is located at USA. The Aquron Corp. produces the concrete treatment products, not only seal the concrete, but also dense and strengthen it by filling the pore spaces with extra silica - Silica is one of the most important strengthening components in concrete. Concrete maintenance and repair work cost governments, property owners and insurance institutions millions of dollars each year, apply Aquron Solutions can help you to reduce the cost, and the most important thing is -- 100% environmentally friendly! [Benefit] 1. Impermeability. 2. Strengthening. 3. Curing. 4. Anti-dusting. 5. Abrasion resistance. 6. Protection against freeze/thaw damage. 7. Starvation of deep seated fungus growths. 8. Purging of chlorides and other contaminants. 9. Protection against chloride and sulphate attack. 10. Plus further benefits when used as an additive in new concrete mixes. 11. Cost effective to apply. 12. Never requires maintenance. 13. 100% environmentally friendly. ...

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