Company Introduction

MFC is a leading manufacturer of oil seal, o-ring, andprecision rubber molded products. Keeping high quality andsatisfying customers' needs is its number one priority. Inorder to reach the above goal, MFC has been constantlyupgrading manufacturing capability by applying state-of-theart equipment and training its personnel continuously.In order to keep maintaining high manufacturing standardsand staying in the forefront of manufacturing technology,MFC and its subsidiaries utilize ISO. ISO is a regimentedprogram that improves quality and productivity by directinganalysis and action. MFC obtained the certificate of ISO9002 in Dec., 1995 for o-ring, oil seal, and tradingservices. MFC also was registered as an ISO 14001 certifiedcompany in April, 1998. MFC and both of its subsidiaries,HFC and MHC have also gained QS9000 certification duringthe course of 1999.The Real strength of MFC is innovation, efficiency, andexperience. And it comes from the personnel, some of whomhaving been here with the company since its establishment.And not only have they been growing with the company, theyalso have made MFC prosperous. MFC needs them to maintainthe high level of quality and services your demand.After you go through the brochure, please feel free tocontact our sales staff, and there is one thing you shouldbe certain: MFC gets a very competitive pricing structure.So do not hesitate to call or write us. We are ready toassist you at any stage of your project. ...

Contact us

Contact Person : Jossie Hsu
Address :41 Wu Chuan Wu Rd., New Taipei Ind. Park
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-2-22988556
Fax :886-2-22992189