Company Introduction

Eastern Global Corporation is a company full of great enthusiasm and devotion that offers ergonomic solutions for the home and office. Our goal is to provide the most comfortable and convenient environment for the enjoyment of life and work. Our ergo products include LCD Monitor Arm, CPU Holder, Notebook Stand, Keyboard Tray, etc. From the designing to the manufacturing, everything begins with the human element.

Our company mission is to create optimum comfortable and healthy living and working conditions. Great care and fastidiousness are placed in the details of our designs. The products we design will help to eliminate the discomfort and pain that are commonly caused by long-term incorrect postures and positions. We believe that regardless of whether you are at work or in the home, raising the value of life is job number one.

The ergo products from Eastern Global are extremely well suited for various work environments, such as individual workstations, conference systems, public spaces, rest areas, medical facilities, financial markets, etc. In the home, our products fit in extremely well wherever you work or relax. Simplicity of use, economic spatial design, environmentally safe materials, reduced product volume; these are all major considerations in our product design. We also perform custom designing and manufacturing according to client needs.

Our main focus is the design of office furniture and computer equipment peripheral fittings. Knowing that digital environments in the future life will persist, we will further our ergonomic principles of design through forward-looking research with the goal of making an ideal healthy and comfortable working and living space. ...

Contact us

Contact Person :Mr.SUN-DA DUH
Address :9F, NO.657, Bannan Rd., Jhonghe District
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-2-22262887EXT232
Fax :886-2-22262862