Company Introduction

We appreciate your choice in selecting Armstrong as yoursupplier. It's a pleasure to introduce you briefly to ourcompany.Bai Fu Co., Ltd. - also known as Bestfull InvestmentsLimited established in 1979 in Taiwan, specializes infurniture locks and hardware fittings. We have dedicatedourselves more than 27 years to provide the highest qualityproducts, and export, under our company's brand nameARMSTRONG to customers from Japan, Europe, USA, and allover the world. The ARMSTRONG brand name now isrecognized as the leader and superior supplier of "QualityProducts", "Competitive Prices", "In Time Delivery" and"Reliable Service".After years of constant striving and customer input, wehave developed hundreds of innovative & functionalfurniture hardware fittings. Our products comply with allof our customers' expectations and needs for modern andfashionable designs in the furniture industry. Bai Fu Co.,is your choice of company to "DESIGN", "MANUFACTURE","SUPPLY" and give "AFTER SALES SUPPORT".We have been in furniture hardware business for more thantwo decades. Our five advantages keep us constantlyprogressing - high quality products, competitive reasonableprices, complete selection of products, constantinnovations, and superior sales service.With the economy sagging, new rivals encroaching on ourmarkets, and the world in political conflict, Bai Fu Co.,is working really hard to invest money on new Research &Development machinery and production facilities. Thesechanges and improvements in our company will be mutuallybeneficial for future success and the highest profits.Finally, we thank you for your years of support. Yourfurther contact by fax, phone call, or e-mail will be givenimmediately attention. ...

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Company Name :BAI FU CO., LTD.
Contact Person :Ms.Flora Hsu
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Website :
Telephone :886-2-26595899
Fax :886-2-26592588