Da Lian Hua Ying Ya Da Wood Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

DaLian HuaYing YaDa Wood Co., Ltd. which is the main export window set up in DaLian in Northeast forest Zone, contributes a lot in earning foreign exchange through exporting forest resources. Since the foundation of company in 1988, the constant raise of the reputation, the steady development of the economy as well as the Continuous efforts of the whole staff enable the establishment of the joint venture in 1996. Our company locates in the second biggest coastal city, DaLian which is Northeast China & Inner Mongolia's gateway to outer world for the outstanding as well l as convenient transportation. Our Main Products: In DaLian, factory manufactures all kinds of chopsticks, toothpicks, ice cream sticks, and tongue depressors. The quantity is more 100,000 cartons every year. And set up joint factory in Northeast Forest, main products: Sawn timber, Veneerands, shawing boards, Floor blocks, Plywood, Wood pieces, Foot sticks, coffee stirrers, Toothpicks, Chopping boards, Wood-pearl, Match sticks, Wooden furniture, Products for office work, and process various of wooden products . Enjoying high reputation at home and board, our products are mainly exported to USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and European countries. ...

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Company Name :Da Lian Hua Ying Ya Da Wood Co., Ltd.
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