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D Type Horizontal Vibrating Screens

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D Type Horizontal Vibrating Screens
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1. Concentric shaft vibrating mechanism
(1) An innovation of large size vibrating screen.
(2) Overcome the shortage of short bearing life and even shaft broken as in case of conventional eccentric shaft mechanism.
2. Movable bearing block
(1) Easily replacement of bearing block at site instead of sending the whole assembly back to factory to re-welding and re-machining.
(2) Saving repaired cost and timing.
3. Pulley fixed by coupler: easy assembly and replacement
4. Pulley fixed on either side design: no need to change the position of motor skid base and very convenient for installation.
5. Heat dissipation plate on both side of safety cover to speed heat dissipation generated inside.
6. Eight bearing structure to achieve the best of support of rotary shaft.
7. Small current-less power consumption due to concentric shafts.
8. Small resistance while rotating compared to conventional eccentric shaft.
9. Patent:
(1) Taiwan Patent NO. 110047.
(2) Japan Patent NO. 3026700.
(3) China Patent NO. ZL 96 2 01463X.
(4) Indonesia Patent NO. S-960004.
(5) Philippine, Vietnam, Malaysia Patent Pending.
1. Model: CMVS614-2D. 2. Screening area m2: 7.5. 3. Screen size width x length: 1800 x 4200. 4. Deck: 2. 5. Dimension: A: 4900, B: 3080 and C: 2000. 6. Speed RPM: 780-980. 7. Motor HP: 30HP X 4P. 8. Weight (kg): 6000.

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