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E Series Vibrating Screens ( Horizontal Types )

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E Series Vibrating Screens ( Horizontal Types )
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1. A fully new vibrating screen offers better screen efficiency, more convenient maintenance and robust structure.
2. High strength alloy frame plates, integrated fabricated screen decks and huck bolted structure compose ever-robust frame.
3. The vibrator located at two sides of frame in both horizontal and inclined screen to save space, minimize weight and have ease maintenance.
4. Replaceable bearing seat design to easily change bearing
and all parts at site.
5. For large horizontal screen, a three-shaft mechanism is applied to have elliptical and adjustable amplitudes so as to widen application in different fields and have better screen efficiency.
6. Equipped with rubber spring (option) to have smooth start and stop operation.
7. Low running temperature in vibrator, especially suitable for dry screening.
8. Advanced vibrating mechanism design with features of low power consumption, less lubricant and low noise meets requirement of modern environment protection.
1. Screen area (m2): 6.3.
2. Width (mm): 1,500.
3. Length (mm): 4,200.
4. Power (HP): 30HP x 4P.
5. Speed (RPM): 780-880.
6. Weight (kg):
(1) 2 decks: 5,200.
(2) 3 decks: 6,000.

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