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Air Knives

Model : TC-105

An ideal item for industrial use.

Pinless Hammer Impact Wrenches

Model : NF-4K230

1" pin-less hammer impact wrench: Used in a wide range of purpose, especially for large vehicle maintenance and repair shops/factories and tire shops.

Stripping Tools

Model : TC-106

An ideal item for industrial use.

1/2" Ratchet Wrench Kits

Model : TC-503K/507K

1. Ratchet wrench: 1PC. 2. Socket set: 7PCS. 3. Extension bar: 1PC. 4. Sq. uninersal joint: 1PC. 5. Sq. bits holder: 1PC. 6. Screwdriver bits: 3PC. 7. Air nipple: 1PC. 8. Blow case: 1PC.

Air Decal Removers

Model : TC-1075

Exhaust system: rear.

Air Die Grinders

Model : TC-1201

Die grinders: Exhaust system: rear.

Air Die Grinders

Model : TC-202

1. Free speed: 30000r.d.m. 2. Collect size: 6mm(1/4"). 3. Air inlet: 1/4". 4. Air pressure: 90psi. 5. Air consumption: 200l/min.

Air Die Grinder Kits

Model : TC-101k

1. Die grinder: 1PC. 2. Shank mounted stone: 5PCS. 3. Shank mounted stone: 5PCS. 4. Collect: 1PCS. 5. Open wrench: 2PCS. 6. Blow case: 1PCS.

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