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Shape Bending Machines

Model : TL-185

1. 14″touch screen, operation instruction is attached. 2. PLC automatic controlled, change the parameters. 3. Actuating motor controls bending and feeding, the speed, angle, length are all adjustable. 4. Pneumatic clamping, can bend 1 ~ 4pcs ...

Automatic Tube Making Machines

Model : TL-102

1. It mainly used to weld a roll of stainless steel strip into a tube. 2. The frame of machine is made of excellent steel plate and of stable structure. 3. PLC automatically controlled, human-computer interface. 4. Control the speed by ...

Tube Feedings And Testing Machines

Model : TL-107

1. PLC controlled automatically. It feeds the elements with a consistent space between them. 2. Easy to operate, no operator is required. 3. Automatically high voltage test and separate the undesirable element. 4. The feeding speed is ...

Fully Automatic Tube Turning Machines

Model : TL-103

1. Is used to turn the ends of compressed tubes, process the I.D. of tube and dig the powder automatically. 2. PLC controlled automatically, human-computer interface. 3. Load automatically, center the tube automatically and turn the tube from ...

Tube Rolling Machines

Model : TL-101

1. TL-101 automatic tube rolling machines are used to reduce the tubes and increase the density of MgO. It has been well-received in France, Japan and other countries. 2. Efficiency: 18m/ min. 3. After compressing, the straightness can reach: ...

Auto Rotary Turning Machines

Model : TL-156

1. Mainly used to process electric iron heating tube, and some other die-casting tubes. 2. PLC automatically controlled, human - computer interface. 3. Intelligent design, fault alarm and remind automatically. 4. Delicate decollator dividing, ...

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