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Or So Automatic Sliding Vacuum Embossing Machine

Product Name :
Or So Automatic Sliding Vacuum Embossing Machine

It’s mainly about letting the EVA seep in the woven vamp or net for bonding and the product itself woulden’t deform. Which can spare the HF brass mold for forming ang save cost.

The vamp net TPU will have no bubbie & create the stereoscopic effect, maintaining the soft texture of the net.


參數 Chnical Parameters

電源 Voltage

AC380V     50/60 HZ

最大功率 Power

22 KW

氣壓 Air Pressure


真空壓力 Vacuum Pressure


工作面積 Work Platform


機器重量 Weight


包裝尺寸 Package Size

長3690mm* 寬1180mm* 高2050mm

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