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3-lll Digital slide three in one development hot embossing machine

Product Name :
3-lll Digital slide three in one development hot embossing machine
Model No :

Suitable for assembling all seamless heating uppers & 4D Shoe uppers.

  1. With completely intelligent temperature controlling system, simple & stable;With dedicatedly stepwise thermal system uniform distribution & low-consumed energy.
  2. The upper & the botton heating plates, after heat treatment & being electroplated, are permanently deformation-resistant being able to keep precision.
  3. Pressing time is accurately controlled and set by the digital screen; Pressing Pressure can be freely adjusted according to different requirements of the product.
  4. This machine uses gas-oil mixing pressurizing system to assure the product quality, in a model of energy-saving & environment-protection, clean & sanitary.
  5. With stainless steel operating table, is more durable and easier to clean.
  6. With light curtain equipment, ensure better security protection effect.
  7. The material-feeding plate of this machine can slide, for purpose of easy & safe operation, to improve production efficiency.
  8. Two-person operation mode, pur the material upon the heating pressing area, open double switches to assure the safe production.Two-person operation mode, pur the material upon the conveying plate, press the start button to automatically scnd the material to heat pressing area, and then be automatically returned back after the pressing work is done. Maximize the safe operation to the staff, reduce labor intensity and improve productivity.
  9. Two heat station & One cold station joint design, more efficient, highly integrated to save space. The cold pressing system brings the beauty & stability for the product to achieve the perfection.

技術參數 / Technical Parameters

電源 Voltage

AC380V     50/60 HZ

最大功率 Power

19 KW

氣壓 Air Pressure


溫控精確度 Temperature Accuracy


增壓壓力 Plate Pressure

12 Ton

工作面積 Work Platform


機器重量 Weight


包裝尺寸 Package Size

長2150mm* 寬1060mm* 高2150mm

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