Sherng Yii Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Established in 1990. Sherng Yii Co. is a combination of manufacture, trading and R&D. With biologic technology of DuPont, brings Sorona® fiber to apply widely in intimate, sportswear, hosiery.. and so on. To play an important role to protect environment, we do the best to promote Sorona® for healthy and new fashion product in the global.


Due to decreasingly reliant on petroleum, DuPont develops high tech “SORONA” product which reduces to destroy to the environment.

Sherng Yii devotes to promote renewable sourced “SORONA” fiber, able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use water conservation. Cherish the earth, make environmental protection, the next generation will have better living condition.

Sorona® Environmental Benefits

• Sorona® is 37% renewably sourced by weight , that helps reduce dependency on oil and petrochemicals

• Sorona® production benefits versus nylon 6:
--30% less energy
--63% less GHG

• Sorona® is a thermoplastic polymer that is able to be recycled

Sorona® Fiber properties :

*Super Softness: comfort stretch for move ease

*Comfort Stretch with excellent recovery: Maintain the light weight of fabric & have stretch & recovery performance without adding spandex.

*Easy Dye with good color-fastness : One step dyeing for stretch polyester sportswear items

*UV resistant

*Luster of elegance;

* Dry quicker

*Easy care: releasing crease with your hand

• Idea end uses: sports Tee, polo shirt, sports jogging suits, swimming suits, under garments sweaters ...

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