Double Hero Corporation

Company Introduction

Double Hero has been a manufacturer & exporter of sunglasses since 1990. Every year, more than 14,400,000 pairs of sunglasses accompanied by relevant articles are distributed all over the world by our large number of customers who we are greatly appreciate and hold in the highest esteem. Rich experience, a wide range of products and customers' trust are advantages we particularly cherish; We deeply believe they are the main factors that enable us to keep long-lasting business in today's highly competitive markets place.

With the purpose of meeting different markets' demands, we stretched our existing product lines to include such categories as SUNGLASSES, SPORTING EYEWEAR, READING GLASSES, NON-PRESCRIPTION OPTICAL, SAFETY GLASSES and CHILDREN'S FASHION. Day by day we strive to be on the cutting edge of our market. Therefore, you can always find what you are looking for in our product collections and relevant accessories.

Our customers are distributed all over the world and we cooperate with sunglasses importers, as well as department stores, chain stores and duty-free shops. We also offer promotional items. For chain store: Next, Accessories, Primark, Pinky, Toys, Walmart, Home Depot , Target, Matalan , etc.
For Promotion: Coca cola, FUJI, Carlsberg, 7-up, Martini, Barcardi Limon, Kanebo, Neste, Lancome Orange, Fiat, etc
For brand item: Chicco, Esprit, Champion, C.REEKS, REACTION, MAUI & SONS, etc
For License item: Hi5, Miffy, Barbie, Micky Mouse, Lily Lu and Mop Man, etc.

* Innovation: To meet the current trends and customer needs, new designs will be coming out continuously.
* Efficiency: With efficient management, the inquiries and questions from the clients will be fully taken care and replied o to on time.
* Transcendence: Based on continuous item development and efficient management, we are able to support the clients to win the market demands and therefore meeting the markets and providing the best to our clients.
* Service: By reaching the above three goals, Double Hero can always provide the best service to our clients. We aim to help our clients to be competitive and obtain profitability in their markets. Therefore, making all the clients feel satisfied with our service and products.

DOUBLE HERO. We welcome your further query and contact, a reply shall be sent promptly to you upon reception of your fax or mail. We are grateful that you spent time reading this message. ...

Contact us

Company Name :Double Hero Corporation
Contact Person :Mrs. Betty Lee
Address :No.39, Daji Rd., Da-Fa Indus. Area, Rend
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-6-2051321
Fax :886-6-2071663